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PHENOMIN is providing researchers’ access to test potential COVID-19 therapeutics through several mouse models and the characterization of preclinical models through a standardized infection pipeline


France is facing a new period of lockdown with the evolution of the Covid-19 contaminations. PHENOMIN assures that every effort will be made to ensure that its activity is maintained just as effectively as during the first lockdown period, to meet the needs of users.

Indeed, thanks to the involvement the staff of PHENOMIN, the users and collaborators of the national infrastructure were able to fully benefit from all its services during the lockdown in Spring 2020. In this regard, we, the Directors of the centres of PHENOMIN at CIPHE, ICS, and TAAM would like to warmly thank the staff of these 3 centres for the efforts made to successfully maintain the activities during the first lockdown period in spring 2020. We would like to particularly thank the people who were preserving the mouse and rat lines on shelf for our users and partners, and those who contribute to the business continuity plan at different level.

Cécile Frémond, Bernard Malissen, Yann Hérault

Animal models

Available resources at PHENOMIN-ICS

Available resources at PHENOMIN- CIPHE

  • Fast-track editing of immune-related genes (PMID: 31591574) and genes related to COVID19 research
  • High-dimensional immunophenotyping under normal and under Biosafety Level 3 laboratory (BSL3) conditions relevant to COVID-19 research (all lymphoid and myeloid populations found in normal and inflamed tissue parenchyma (lung, intestine…), blood, broncho-alveolar fluid and lymphoid organ
  • Humanized mice model in partnership with The Jackson Laboratories
  • Mouse models permitting to track and ablate specific compartment of the immune system and inflammation (kept frozen or maintained under specific pathogen conditions and they are all on B6 background).  The latter models consist of KI mice permitting to :
  1. specifically deprived of all T cell compartment, B and T cells, granulocytes, or cDC1 dendritic cells (including those present in the lung)
  2. conditionally and specifically ablate macrophages (including lung alveolar macrophages), mast cells, or epidermal Langerhans cells
  3. track gamma-delta T cells


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Preclinical study in mice against COVID

  • For assessing novel potential vaccine and treatment compounds for COVID-19.
  • Only sufficient amounts of the therapeutic candidate and desired mode of administration will be provided by users.
  • PHENOMIN-CIPHE offer consists in viral particles, COVID-19 mouse models, cohort production and BSL3 pipeline analysis. Further functional analysis and advanced readouts like organ histopathological analysis, multiplex assay profiling of cytokines and chemokines in lung and mouse serum etc. can be provided upon request.
  • A final infection profile report will be provided as a deliverable.

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Call for proposal

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