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The aim is to facilitate access for the French research community to the services from the unique national infrastructure and scientific expertise of the PHENOMIN’s partners, and to deliver novel mouse lines that providing important opportunities to advance knowledge gene function in relation to human development and disease. The calls are opened to French research applicants. The project will be submitted to a double-bind review process by an external scientific committee based on the scientific evaluation of the proposal according to the following criteria:

Request services are done on line through the internet common platform from the PHENOMIN website. Each applicant will be informed of the outcome of the evaluation within the timing that has been defined for each call. For the calls that are non-free of charge, the cost of the project will be given to the selected applicant for placing an official order.

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14th PHENOMIN Call

Innovative Mouse and Rat model generation and/or phenotyping - July 2020

We are glad to announce the 14th PHENOMIN call for proposals for innovative mouse and rat model generation and/or phenotyping. PHENOMIN is able to support scientists to create and phenotype new models to study:

Since 2011, PHENOMIN has generated 265 models for the International Mouse Phenotyping Consortium (knock-out mice to decipher the coding genome) and more than 900 models for the French and International scientific community.

Conditions for eligibility: PHENOMIN is committed to reduce the use of animals (3R’s), only nomination of mutant lines that are not available in known repository, are eligible

Scientific evaluation: All the projects will be reviewed by an external panel of experts beyond the technical feasibility and will be ranked and prioritized

For all models that will be selected, please consider that:

Proposal submission: the submission form has been adapted to be short and simple and can be accessed here.

** Extended submission deadline : 30th September 2020 **

Fields for submission:



INFRAFRONTIER2020 project - Trans-national Access call for proposals - (June 2019)

Applications at the 1st of every month !

Specialized phenotyping in inflammatory condition and functional immune phenotyping screen

The INFRAFRONTIER mouse clinics offer the examination of mouse mutants using a broad and standardised phenotypic check-up covering key research areas such as behaviour, clinical chemistry, immunology, energy metabolism, and lung function amongst others. If phenotypes are uncovered by the primary assays, mouse mutants can be subjected to more detailed analyses in hypothesis driven and disease focussed phenotyping pipelines.

In this specialised phenotyping call we provide access to a comprehensive panel of phenotyping tests, relying on standardized and customized protocol: Induced secondary phenotyping screen under acute or more chronic inflammatory conditions

OPEN again in summer 2020 - still a few access units available

 Results for previous calls

Generation and Characterization of CreERT2 cell specific promoter driven deleter mouse lines.

9 new additional CreERT2 mouse lines are generating by PHENOMIN team and will be made available as soon as possible for the scientific community and 4 CreERT2 mouse models have been already generated by the European EUCOMMTOOLS consortium and and will be further characterized.

More information about this call

Find your model on our MouseCre and CreERT2 Zoo !


Creation and exploration of mouse models for rare diseases.

The French Foundation for rare diseases "Fondation maladies rares" and the French National Infrastructures PHENOMIN and CELPHEDIA launched 1 join call "new experimental animal models of rare diseases" (2019), and 3 successive joint calls "Mouse models and rare diseases" (in 2017, 2015 and 2013, respectively) to give a significant boost to the development of mouse models, in order to i) gain a better understanding of the pathophysiological mechanisms involved in rare diseases whose defective genes have been identified, ii) Test and validate therapeutic proofs of concept, at the pre-clinical in vivo level. 50 projects for new mouse models and 3 projects for new rat models have been or are being realized from 145 submissions.

More information about theses calls


Find you mouse model for rare disease among our available models !



Conditional or constitutive knock-out mouse generation and standard phenotyping.

More information about this call

More information about this call

More information about this call


New mouse models are available and/or in the process of being generated !