A multi-site approach to implementing the 3Rs in policy and practice

European Directive 20120/063 EU and its French transposition

PHENOMIN nodes work under European Directive 20120/063 EU and its French transposition (European Directive 2010/063 EU, French « Decree n° 2013-118 » about protection of animals used for scientific purposes):

Ethical concepts

Following the European Directive also means that we work following ethical concepts:

In 1959, Russel & Burtch have developed the famous 3 Rs concept in order to protect animals used for scientific purposes. The 3R's:

Harm-Benefit Analysis (HBA) : the main goal of this analysis is to make a balance between

In order to replace, PHENOMIN:

In order to reduce, PHENOMIN:

We are involved in the setting up of an alternative to reduce the number of animals used and improve the quality control to determine the ability of a mutant mouse line to recover after cryopreservation. Our recent publication (Blastocyst genotyping for quality control of mouse mutant archives: an ethical and economical approach. Transgenic Res. 2015; 24(5): 921–927. F Scavizzi et al.,2015) described a new technical approach which is now routinely used in PHENOMIN projects.

In order to refine, PHENOMIN:

Ethics committees and project authorization

Animal Welfare Bodies

Projects authorizations are released before starting. Once they have started, they are followed on the field by our Animal Welfare Bodies (AWB).

In addition to this mission, AWB main missions are advising research teams, answering ethical and animal welfare questions, visiting animal facilities to check the well going of protocols and developing an ethical way of working with animals in the long term. Thus, AWB are proactive to improve animals’ living conditions.