The gene expression service validates the consequences of the genetic modifications introduced in vivo. Gene expression analyses are specifically pertinent to select transgenic lines established by pronuclear integration (transgene localization, expression level of the transgene, copy number determination, ...), to validate genetically modified mouse models (expected expression of conditional alleles, level of transcripts, splice variants, hypomorphic effects, cell/tissue specific gene inactivation, ...) and to correlate the gene expression analysis with the phenotype of the animals upon clinical evaluation.

Gene expression validation and copy number determination

  • Northern Blot, Southern Blot
  • ddPCR (as replacement of qPCR)

Functional validation

  • Immunohistochemistry
  • Western Blot

Exemple of a fully characterized line: the Insulin1-CreERT2

Model validation_Characterization of Insulin1-CreERT2.png