Maintaining the expected health status of your animal colonies is vital to achieve valid and reproducible research results. PHENOMIN provides a controlled and reliable environment for mice and rats breeding.

Animals are maintained under strict conditions which meet high level health and welfare requirements to ensure the validity/reliability of your experimental models. Health monitoring is conducted routinely on our colonies for an extensive list of infectious agents.

Health status assessment / Individual housing Capacity: 5 isolators and 120 IVC

  • From any worldwide facilities
  • Dedicated isolators or Individually Ventilated Cages (IVC)
  • Quarantine to establish a reliable sanitary diagnosis

Health monitoring Capacity: 7 000 animals tested per year

  • According to the full set of FELASA guidelines
  • Reliable and accurate sanitary diagnostics of mouse, rat or hamster
  • Assistance in results interpretation, help to solve possible issues
  • Techniques: MFIA, PCR, culture, microscopy...
  • Rederivation service to restore a SOPF status (Specified and Opportunistic Pathogen Free) from any biological material (living animal, fresh / frozen embryo or sperm) 150 strains per year

Breeding service Capacity: 45 isolators, 1 200 IVC and 6 000 open cages

PHENOMIN help the scientific community by offering a very wide range of zootechnic services.

  • Expertise for breeding mice and rats with all kind of genetic modifications
  • Full-service provider with a wide range of zootechny services: experimentation, axenization, gnotoxenization, cohort development, timed-pregnant mice, customized diets, ...
  • Various types of facilities and caging systems for different microbiological security levels
  • Continuous genetic monitoring of bred strains (PCR)
  • Distribution service to send your murine models all over the world in various types of containers (cages, boxes, cylinders, isolators)
Housing and breeding Conventional SPF SOPF Gnotoxenic Axenic A2/A3
Open cages
With over 60 year experience in animal husbandry, PHENOMIN provides researchers with high scientific and technical expertise in breeding and monitoring health status to preserve your murine models in the best conditions.