Archiving and Distribution

The cryopreservation facility service provides a reliable way to conserve strains in the form of embryos and sperm in order to guarantee their persistence for the inventor and the scientific community as a whole. Because no single method is adequate for all the various strains of mice, we offer several methods for banking, including inbred, transgenic and knockout strains. Our expertise ensures breeding costs reduction as well as easy and fast access to your archive for distribution. We also play a key role in the INFRAFRONTIER program dedicated the to cryopreservation of the EMMA's lines, providing mice models to the international scientific community.

Embryos archiving 140 strains per year

  • Slow freezing method
  • Two LN2 controlled-rate freezer available
  • QC in vivo
  • Freezing from 2 cells to blastocysts
  • Natural breeding or in vitro fertilization
  • High scientific and technical output
  • 200-250 frozen embryos / strain

Sperm archiving

  • Fast freezing method
  • QC in vivo: embryos transfer into pseudo-pregnant female
  • QC in vitro

Revitalization service to restore strains as living mice from your backup

StorageCapacity: 6000 strains / 150 000 straws.

  • Archives duplicated in two alarmed and independent sites to ensure the security of your strain backup
  • Computerized Archive Management System
  • Revitalization service to restore strains as living mice from your backup 150 strains per year
  • At least 2 couples

We provide researchers with high expertise in preservation and revitalization techniques to backup / restore your strains in best conditions.

More than 1300 mouse strains are currently archived

Distribution of murine models

  • Worldwide distribution
  • Various types of containers and conditions for shipment
  • Expertise in shipment using dry shipper

All mouse strains and lines provided by PHENOMIN are available on this page.

The European Mutant Mouse Archive (EMMA) welcomes submission of mutant mouse strains from all over the world, archives free of charge and facilitates global distribution.
Deposit mice into the EMMA repository